• Asset Forge is using a lot of resources.
    Click EditPreferences, in the visuals tab enable v-sync.

  • The interface size too small when using a 4K or retina screen (resolution).
    Click EditPreferences, in the visuals tab you can scale the interface.


  • Asset Forge has bad performance.
    Click EditPreferences, in the visuals tab you can disable anti-alias, ambient occlusion and shadows. This doesn't affect exported models or sprites. To enhance performance even more righ click on Asset and select Get info, in the dialog and check Open in low resolution.

  • Asset Forge doesn't launch (or gives a generic error; "Can't be opened")
    Install Asset Forge using the launcher, or (advanced users):

    Open the Terminal and navigate to the folder where the is located using the command cd. Type the following commands:
    chmod +x
    chmod 755

  • When launching a warning is shown regarding an unsafe application.
    Go to System Preferences, click on Security & Privacy, select Open Anyway on the bottom.

  • No custom collections or textures show up.
    Make sure you've given the application proper permissions and Asset is located in the Applications folder.


  • Asset Forge doesn't launch, nothing happens.
    Right click the executable, select properties, click the 'permissions' tab and check 'Allow executing file as program'.

  • I'm using distro X and Asset Forge isn't working.
    We've only tested Asset Forge using Ubuntu, consider using a similar distro.
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