• Asset Forge is using a lot of resources.
    Click EditPreferences, in the visuals tab enable v-sync.

  • The interface size too small when using a 4K (or higher) screen resolution.
    Click EditPreferences, in the visuals tab you can scale the interface.


  • Asset Forge doesn't launch (or gives a generic error; "Can't be opened")
    Install Asset Forge using the launcher, or (advanced users):

    Open the Terminal and navigate to the folder where the is located using the command cd. Type the following commands:
    chmod +x
    chmod 755

  • When launching a warning is shown regarding an unsafe application.
    Go to System Preferences, click on Security & Privacy, select Open Anyway on the bottom.

  • No custom collections or textures show up.
    Make sure you've given the application proper permissions and Asset is located in the Applications folder.


  • Asset Forge doesn't launch, nothing happens.
    Right click the executable, select properties, click the 'permissions' tab and check 'Allow executing file as program'.

  • I'm using distro X and Asset Forge isn't working.
    We've only tested Asset Forge using Ubuntu, consider using a similar distro.
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