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Frick, Inc.

FAQ January 6th, 2024 1 min read

In Frick, Inc. you'll drive various trucks using on-screen control panels. Each truck has a different control method and it's all made to be "Frick, Inc." frustrating until you master it


    How many levels does Frick, Inc. have?

    The game has 40 levels ranging from easy to really hard.

    Are all levels unlocked from the start?

    The first 4 levels are unlocked at the start, once you complete a level 4 new ones will open up so you'll never be stuck.

    Bonus content

    What bonus content is included with the game?

    You can view a gallery featuring 3D models from the game plus cut content.

    What other content is included?

    The game includes game assets (3D models) which you can use to build your own game inspired by Frick, Inc. The game assets are public domain licensed and get be used in both free and commercial projects.


    Which gameplay options are available?

    You can toggle the timer, help notes on the control panels and tutorial messages.

    Which visual options are available?

    You can set the overall visual quality, toggle depth of field and select to have either a light or dark background.

    What other options are available?

    You can set the screen resolution, windowed/fullscreen and set the volume of sound effects and music.