Is it possible to use the game assets in a (commercial) project?

All game assets on this website are public domain CC0 licensed, see the included license file or refer to the game asset page for a full details.

Should attribution be given when the game assets are used?

Attribution is not mandatory but if you choose to credit the source of the game assets refer to 'Kenney', 'Kenney.nl' or 'www.kenney.nl'.

Is it possible to order custom graphics?

Yes, use the form to describe which custom assets you require. We'll reply with a free (and non-committal) quote.

How can I use the game assets in my game engine?

We can't offer personal help for the game assets, we've written a guide on how to convert/edit assets which might help you along.

I've got a great idea for game assets!

Fantastic! You can submit your request at Kenney Request, votes determine which game assets are created.

I've lost the download link/e-mail for a purchased bundle...

You can recover lost downloads/purchases at Itch.io support.

1. 'Game asset(s)' refer to the files found on the game asset pages.
2. Bundles refer to Itch.io purchases, contact customer service of Steam® or Scirra for products purchased there.



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