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FAQ January 6th, 2024 1 min read

Pixross is a picture logic puzzle game featuring 170+ unique puzzles, customization and extra challenges for each puzzle. Unlock new puzzle packs or customization options by completing puzzles


    How many puzzles does the game have?

    There are 170 puzzles included, more will be added through free content updates.

    What sizes are the puzzles?

    Sizes range from 5×5 to 20×20.

    How do colors work?

    The puzzles are essentially black and white, however you can optionally display colored tiles during gameplay.

    Can you zoom?

    Yes, you can zoom in- and out.

    Is this game friendly for beginners, does it offer a challenge?

    The first puzzles start out easy but further into the game more challenging puzzles are added. To make puzzles even more difficult several challenges can be enabled (see below) or the settings tweaked.

    Game modes

    What game modes are there?

    Each puzzle can be played with additional challenges that can be toggled, the challenges are:

    • Bomb — A single mistake fails the puzzle instantly.
    • Mining — Some clues are hidden behind rocks, destroying a rock costs a life.
    • Mirror — Puzzles are mirrored horizontally/vertically, at random.
    • Decay — Clues disappear over time.
    • No marks — Disables ability to mark tiles.

    Is there a tutorial?

    The game features a basic built-in tutorial.


    What types of unlockables are there?

    You can unlock new puzzle packs and get new customization items using a gashapon machine.

    How do you get stars for unlocking things?

    You can gain points by completing puzzles, the amount of stars you receive depends on the puzzle size and whether you completed the puzzle before. There are no micro payments or other ways to purchase stars.

    What customization items can be unlocked?

    You can change the style of the tiles being drawn, the marks (crosses), the grid background, the background of the game and the background pattern overlay. There are more than 50 items to unlock.


    Which gameplay options are included?

    You can toggle the timer, the penalties, automatically marking completed clues, a hint at the start of puzzles, drawing in free mode or line mode and colors during gameplay.

    What other options are available?

    You can set the screen resolution, windowed/fullscreen and set the volume of sound effects and music.