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Asset Forge

Using Asset Forge, anyone can create 3D models and 2D sprites for their games. The models are compatible with the vast majority of game engines that are available on the market today.

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Build castles!
Plan golf courses!
Any type of spaceship!
Or buildings!

How it works

There are currently over 900 pre-made blocks available, which are categorized into different sections. You can place an unlimited number of blocks in your creation, which can then be exported and used in any game engine you choose.

  • Position, rotate, mirror and resize blocks
  • Export to common 3D file formats (see below)
  • Render your model as a 2D sprite
  • Apply colors, materials and textures
  • Batch export a sprite in multiple directions

The exported models are compatible with most game engines including Unity, Unreal Engine, Blender and ThreeJS. The 2D sprites (PNG) are compatible with all game engines that support sprites.

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Windows, Mac and Linux

Free updates

For Asset Forge 1 & 2


Most game engines supported


2D sprites + 3D models

"Even with minimal artistic ability you should be able to get great results from Asset Forge very quickly."

"Asset Forge has found a place in my everyday workflow as a simple, easy way to create 3D assets."

"Asset Forge, a seriously useful program to help anyone make models and sprites for their games."



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1 As our products are DRM-free, we cannot revoke access at any time. If you have downloaded the product, we cannot offer refunds, unless the product fails to function as advertised.