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Rigging a character using Mixamo

Guide January 6th, 2024

While Asset Forge isn't optimized to create humanoid characters the last thing we'd want to do is stand in the way of creativity. When using a character in a game you'd want it to be rigged so you can apply animations. Here's how in a couple of minutes!

    Creating the model


    First create your character, this can be anything but it has to be in a T-pose shape like the image below. Basically, make sure the arms are spread and the legs are standing apart so it's easy for Mixamo to tell what your model is.

    Mixamo requires an FBX file, so in Asset Forge export your model as FBX. It's required to merge blocks, so make sure you have that option enabled.

    Importing into Mixamo

    Head on over to Mixamo and log-in using your Adobe account. Click Upload character on the right and select your FBX file. A window will open, click Next.

    Mixamo will ask you to place control points on the model, after clicking Next it'll process your model. Because it's a complety automated process it might fail. Simply go back and adjust the control points, some models might not work at all.

    However if it does work, you can totally make your robot dance.