Toolset for creating assets

Inspired by the recent Juicy Beast article on what tools they use for game development here's our take on it. An overview of all tools and methods we've assembled to create game assets. Let's get right to it!

2D sprites

All 2D sprites are drawn using Adobe Animate (formely known as Adobe Flash). The tool is mainly used for animation and games but has great vector editing tools which are a bit different when compared to similar vector editing software like Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape. For assets we like to stick to Adobe Animate, we've even written a couple of custom scripts to make organising, drawing and exporting assets a bit easier.

Pixel art

An odd choice here as we use MS Paint (Windows XP version) to do pixel art. There's no denying that there are better options available (like Aseprite) but MS Paint is free, simple and has never let us down.

3D modeling

While the obvious choice would be Blender we actually went with SketchUp. Since we use an overall low-poly style of modeling SketchUp is perfect and the speed and beginners threshold are unrivaled. We've written some custom plug-ins to add interactivity to SketchUp models and make them work correctly for our Unity games.

File management


ShoeBox is a tool that contains various sprite related functions. You can create spritesheets, extract sprites from spritesheets, create bitmap fonts and more! It's available for free and a must have for any game developer that works with sprites.

Advanced Renamer

Most of our asset packages include hundreds of separate images. It's often difficult to rename these files by hand so more often than not we use Advanced Renamer to batch rename files.

Smart Cropper

Smart Cropper is fairly unknown tool to crop images in a folder to their minimum but uniform size. Especially handy if you need to crop isometric tiles while keeping them the same size.


PNGoo is a UI tool for pngquant, which compresses PNG images lossy. You can often save as much as 70% on PNG filesize!


While most would use Unity just for game development we use it to render isometric assets! We've written a tutorial on how it's done, including our custom script.


Trello (task management)
UserVoice (keeps track of asset requests)
Kirby (website CMS)
Discord (team chat)

That's all we currently use!

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