Reflection of 2016

Another year of games, game assets and other projects has passed. There's been a whole lot of releases, updates and changes so here's an overview of what happened:

Game assets

In 2016 we've released over 40 new packs containing about 10.000 new game assets! This is also the first year that proper isometric assets were created, first a pack of dungeon tiles and soon after a prototype pack. We've also debuted Kenney Game Assets 2 which received numerous updates and contains exclusive assets.

Next year another game asset bundle is planned plus (obviously) tons of new game assets in every category, this includes 2D, 3D, isometric and more.


Kenney Land was rebranded to Pixeland. The name change was necessary to avoid confliction with our game studio plus allow others to open their own Pixeland locations. Extrokold Games decided to take the lead and open a location in San Diego!

We also hosted our first ever Global Game Jam location (next one in January!) which resulted in BARB by our team and Popol by the others.

Kenney Studio

Kenney Studio got completely made from scratch making the so-called NXT version more versatile than ever. Before the NXT version there was a limited amount of options for each template, now users could create their own templates and use objects from all categories in a single template. The update was released for free! 😁

The Night's Willow

Our adventure game The Night's Willow keeps on growing, this year we've finally settled on a visual style and started creating the main engine (the game runs on Unity with our own layer on top to easily create locations, objects and characters). The engine is now almost done and thus we're working on locations and characters. The game is planned to released in July 2017.


GameGO is software for launching various games and programs from the comfort of your couch. The initial release has a bunch of options, but a planned HTML5-rewrite of GameGO will allow for more customization and an open-source release (TBA).

Next to these large projects we've also started projects for next year (like Vyramid and TV Planet) and even created a brand new website from scratch (you're looking at it right now). Next year proves to be another year full of content, games and game assets.

Have a great (and safe!) NYE and see you in 2017!

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