Kenney Game Assets 3 announcement

In early 2015 we released Kenney Game Assets 2, a continuation of the first asset bundle. Over the course of two years the bundle has received 20 updates and now contains 90% more content than at launch!

Now it's time to create a third installment. Exactly as before the bundle will launch with four asset packs and get expanded with free content updates over the course of a year or two.


The first package that will be included introduces new top-down view tiles. These tiles can be used to create plenty of worlds, the selection ranges from terrain tiles all the way to buildings and dungeons. We've focused on ease-of-use and the package will include samples for Tiled and an instruction sheet.

The second package that will be included is a pixel art tileset for RPG games. A new brighter color palette, bold style and plenty of tiles make this a much needed improvement over previously released roguelike sets.

Production has yet to start on the two remaining asset packs but they'll be expansions of our most popular packs (let speculation commence).


There's no exact release date yet but expect it somewhere between March and May. More information and previews will be posted on our Twitter account.

Kenney Game Assets 2 $9.95




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