Monthly Update (February)

While we're still a small studio we do love to work on multiple projects at the same time, keeps us interested and motivated! This month was no exception and we've made great progress on various projects.


Crios (Kríos, God of leadership and constellations in Greek mythology) will be an old fashioned FPS game with blazing fast action and no cutscenes to distract you from fragging loads of enemies. It's a stark contrast to The Night's Willow, which will be heavily story oriented.

Within the first two weeks of development we've got the base movement down, NPC pathfinding, destructable objects, classic 2D-style billboard sprites and a decent workflow from map editor to in-game which allows for interactive elements like switches, doors and secrets.

We've also worked on a bunch of stuff that helps development of The Night's Willow. Including a new framework (Kengine) that allows for easy creation of a titlescreen, map switching, save data and a settings screen.

The Night's Willow

This month our intern Casper made hundreds of props for The Night's Willow. They will be scattered around the environment and consist of only a fraction of the models used in the game.

This is also the last month that Casper was with us, we wish him all the luck in his game development career!

Game assets

After the 20th update we decided to stop working on Kenney Game Assets 2 and immediately start production on Kenney Game Assets 3. You can read more about the launch line-up in our previous post.

Other projects

Townsized is currently put on hold until more resources and time can be allocated. We'd really love to put a lot of thought and time into the project and when developed currently it would probably be rushed.

Kenney Studio will soon receive a content update adding a large amount of new pre-made objects, stay tuned!

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